Give your company’s Casual Friday a sportier look


Give your company’s Casual Friday a sportier look by transforming it into ACTIVE WEAR DAY. Employees who make a donation to FitSpirit get to wear sportswear or outerwear to work for the day, and maybe even participate in a sporting activity.

Whether you operate a small business or run a large office, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and support our efforts to get girls to be more physically active at the same time.


1- Start by registering your company. It only takes 5 minutes. Use a photo or your company logo to customize your page.

2- Decide what type of activities you’d like to offer (click here for ideas) and what your fundraising target will be. Make sure your activities and goals are appropriate for: 

- The number of employees working in your department or business.

- The target number of participants for each activity.

- The suggested contribution per participant.

- The employer contribution per participant or corporate donation matching program. Click here to see a sample tracking table.  

3- Promote ACTIVE WEAR DAY to your employees. Here are a few tools to help you get started: 

Announcement template to let employees know about your upcoming ACTIVE WEAR DAY. 

Banner to personalize your communications.  

Printable poster (8.5 x 14) with space at the bottom for event details (date, contact person, etc.). It’s suitable for posting wherever space permits: on bulletin boards, in the cafeteria, in the toilets, etc. 

Facebook event image. Given the popularity of social media, we strongly recommend creating a Facebook event for your ACTIVE WEAR DAY and encouraging employees to get on board. 

For more information, read our Create Your Own ACTIVE WEAR DAY invitation or contact Coralie Desjardins at