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Physical activity is an efficient way for Julie to stay grounded and is a sort of therapy that allows her to give herself quality time. By practicing all her sports outdoors, moving becomes synonymous with taking fresh air and clearing her mind.

Julie is a mother of two boys but that doesn’t impact the enthusiasm and her desire to get fully involved with the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Challenge. As a woman, she considers it to be important for teenage girls to continue playing sports because integrating physical activity into your daily routine is part of a lifestyle habit that contributes to maintaining balance.

She notes that girls generally prefer being part of a group, and it is therefore pertinent to emphasize team spirit and cooperation in the sports they practice. It is also essential that girls participate in physical activity, not just to win, but to challenge themselves and have fun.

Dynamic and determined, Julie is proud to have retained her curiosity and her thirst for knowledge as well as her willingness to accept assignments that remove her from her comfort zone. Active in her soul, this marketing expert combines her love for physical activity with her commitment to philanthropy by participating in numerous financing initiatives and sitting on the boards and committees of various charities.

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