ActiveWear Day 2019

Une journée pour bouger au profit de Fillactive!

ActiveWear Day 2019

ActiveWear day, on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

On May 2, the FitSpirit Circle of Influence invites companies to update their jeans day by encouraging their employees to dress in sports or outdoor clothing, as part of the first edition of the ActiveWear day.

Whether you are a small or a large company, this is the perfect opportunity to support the cause of physical activity among teenage girls while promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyles among your employees.

All funds raised during this day will be donated to FitSpirit.

For more information on the
ActiveWear day, see the invitation to mobilize.
How to register your business

1. Register your business for free on the platform by clicking here. It will take you less than 5 minutes! Have in your possession a photo or the logo of your company to personalize your page.

2. Complete your menu of activities and fundraising goals by completing your menu table of activities / goals.

Take care to determine your menu of activities and your fundraising goals based on:
  1. The number of employees in your company or department.
  2. The number of employees targeted by each activity.
  3. From the contribution suggested by participants.
  4. Employer contribution per participant or your company's donation matching program, if applicable.

3. Promote the day to your employees using the following tools:

- Invitation to mobilize

- Table menu of activities / objectives

- Poster to personalize

- Email banner

- Email signature

- Publication of newsletter / social media

Bonus activity: Cardio-F.i.t training. by Cardio Plein Air

On May 2, 2019, Cardio Plein Air joins forces with the ActiveWear day and invites you to participate in one of the Cardio-F.i.t workouts offered in 9 parks on the Island of Montreal by certified trainers.

For more details, click here

Participez à l'activité
* Are you an individual and want to participate in the activity? It's possible! The cost is $ 10 per workout. An amount of $ 5 per registration will be given to FitSpirit in order to support its mission.