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FitSpirit is pleased to present this team's leader as part of the 2022 edition of the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Challenge:

Flavia D'Orazio
Executive Vice-President, Client Services, Head of Quebec

Comparison-free sports

Growing up, Flavia did not quite excel at sports like her siblings or friends. This inability to keep up with her peers left her a little discouraged and unmotivated to try new things, and her relationship with sports was affected as a result. However, as she grew older, she started to understand the importance of staying active for herself and not for the benefit of others. From skiing to yoga, she credits staying active as an important element in helping her focus throughout these trying times.

Having undergone some challenges in the sports realm as a youth, Flavia takes an encouraging stance when it comes to introducing her 13-year-old daughter Savannah to sports, focusing on fun and activity rather than performance. She wants to teach her the value of commitment and drive through sports, as well as the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Flavia is thrilled that the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Challenge gives her the opportunity to encourage physical activity for both mom and daughter in such a positive setting. She hopes to continue inspiring her daughter and others as a role model by taking action and participating in this event. The fact that anyone can join on their own terms, at any level, is very much in line with Flavia’s sports philosophy, and she is proud to offer her voice to such a worthy cause.

"Participating in the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Challenge is important to me because being active and having a healthy body and mind is good for your well-being. I am already a fairly active girl. In school, I am part of the basketball team, cross-country running team, and soon to join the track & field team. Outside of school, I love to go for long walks with my mom, adventure out into the woods, alpine and cross-country ski, snowshoeing, to name a few things. I also think that it’s great that my mom is doing this because staying in shape as you get older is important too so that you can live the rest of your life happy and healthy and be there for me." – Savannah

Having celebrated her 25th year with Media Experts early in 2022, Flavia brings to her role as Executive Vice-President, Client Services, Head of Quebec, a wealth of experience and expertise in terms of client services, consumer behaviors and media strategies across all channels. Flavia is particularly proud to have played a decisive role in solidifying and yielding results from her agency’s most important brand relationships and in the success of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign.

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  • PG
    Patty Gray


    1 year ago • 2022-06-20 20:03:26
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    Pina cuffaro

    Love you both.

    1 year ago • 2022-06-20 20:03:08
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    Jean-Paul Sclapari

    happy to contribute to the team

    2 years ago • 2022-05-30 11:49:33
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    Mark Sherman

    Go Flav and Sav!

    2 years ago • 2022-05-25 19:54:29
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    Jennifer Douglass

    Congrats Flavia and Savannah! What an amazing initiative!

    2 years ago • 2022-05-25 16:43:41
  • CD
    Cheryl Dextras

    What a wonderful cause. Congrats to Flavia and Savannah for taking up the challenge.Way to go girls!

    2 years ago • 2022-05-25 10:19:12